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Motion Night Light™ - Automatic Light - Easy Installation

Motion Night Light™ - Automatic Light - Easy Installation

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Our Motion Night Light ™ gives you endless opportunities to style your home with stylish and unique lighting.

Clumsy or Scared in the dark?

The Motion Night Light ™ is perfect to clear your hallway or stairs so you have a safe and enjoyable journey in the night. 

Looking to upgrade your Wardrobe?

The Motion Night Light ™ is perfect to light up your closet in a stylish and modern way.

PRACTICAL – Switches on automatically thanks to the sophisticated motion sensor. No switches or wires needed!

EASY INSTALLATION – The included high-quality sticky pad and magnet make it super easy to place the light anywhere. The installation takes less than a minute!

VERSATILE – Can be placed wherever you want a closet, hallway, staircase, cupboard, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, the possibilities are endless.

POWERFUL – Provides bright light so that you never have to stumble in the dark.

SAVES ENERGY – The light turns on only when motion is detected in a dark environment and turns off 20 seconds later so that you don't waste energy. 

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