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Ganesh Backflow Incense Burner + 20 FREE Cones

Ganesh Backflow Incense Burner + 20 FREE Cones

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Package Includes:

1x Waterfall Incense burner

20x Cones For Free (Multi Scent)

Flavors & Benefits

Rose (Pink): Tension Relief. Floral, sweet.

Cinnamon (Dark Brown): Mental Focus. Spicy, Woody with a Sweet Biting Note, Warm.

Lavender (Purple): Stress Relief. Powdery, Floral, Light.

Jasmine (Yellow): Sleep Aid. Intensely, Floral, Warm.

Lemon (Bright Yellow): Cleanse & Purify. Clean Fresh, Citrus, Bright.

Rosemary (Green): Quiets The Mind. Herbaceous, Earthy.

Grapefruit (Dark Pink): Uplifting. Citrus, Fruity.

Frankincense (Brown): Anxiety Relief. Balance Of Soft, Earthy, and Sweet with a hint of Citrus.

Mint (Green): Decongestion. Minty, Fresh.

Agarwood (Darker Brown): Relaxes the Body. Nutty, Woody, Sweet.


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Aromatic Bliss

Indulge in the beauty of fragrances and infuse your home with captivating scents. Each aroma creates a unique and sophisticated atmosphere that elevates your sensory experience.

A Relaxation Oasis At Home

As you light the incense cone, watch the smoke cascade down the enchanting waterfall style, creating a mesmerizing visual display that exudes serenity and tranquility.